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Request for Proposal

A word about the cost of surveying — High quality Surveying and Mapping firms don’t compete on the basis of price. If you’re shopping for the lowest priced survey, remember that our prices are based on the one item we sell, which is ‘time.’ We have the experience and equipment to do the most efficient job possible for your project. In other words, the cost per hour is much less important than the total price for the job.

We always provide a preliminary consultation at no charge. By doing this, we evaluate the needs of your particular project, and then provide you an estimate of fees, or a fixed fee proposal (per your preference). The fixed fee proposal will always be slightly higher, as we must take into consideration a contingency factor; however, our fixed fee remains fixed, no matter how long the project actually takes. We can be flexible with the payment of a project. We usually require a retainer of 25% or the expected project fees. On large projects we are sometimes willing to “participate,” or delay payment of our fees until the sale of a parcel or some other event. This participation carries risk, and the fees will reflect this risk.

To receive a customized proposal please contact Michael Ford at 707-542-8513

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