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Aerial Topography Mapping and Photogrammetry

Aerial Photogrammetry and Topographic Mapping is generally used to map large areas that would not be cost effective to map using ground survey methods. This type of mapping shows land contours, site conditions and details for large areas. Aerial topographic mapping is used for conceptual design projects where less accurate data is required than ground survey methods provide. Ground control surveys must be used to establish control measurements and elevations in order to calibrate the photographic model. Our personnel have experience in the densification of geodetic control for use in preparing aerial topographic mapping. We work closely with our network of aerial Photogrammetry specialists to provide quality products that suit the individual project requirements.

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Vineyard Mapping

Using advanced land surveying equipment and technologies available today site mapping for agricultural applications is becoming more economical and therefore more wide spread. Michael Ford Land Surverying's GPS/GIS mapping of vineyards enables the land owner to design more efficiently and track more accurately any given area or block of planting. Remote sensing from high altitude aerial photography or satellite imagery coupled with accurate survey control can assist in the decision making process before, during and after the growing seasons.

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