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Lot Line Adjustments — This process may be as simple as two neighbors agreeing to move the recorded line between them by a few feet or realigning property lines between multiple parcels to facilitate future development of those parcels. In either case, the subdivision map act and City and County local ordinances govern the Lot Line Adjustment procedure.

Elevation / Flood Certificate — Elevation Certificates are a method of determining the elevation of a building or parcel of land within flood hazard zones established by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). Elevation certificates are primarily used by the flood insurance industry to evaluate insurance rates. City and county building departments also require elevation certificates in flood prone areas to insure new building construction is above the published flood elevation for that area.

Legal Descriptions — A legal description is the basis for transferring the ownership of real property. It is a written record of the intended location and size of a particular parcel land within a state, county and city. There are several types of land transfers and transactions that require legal descriptions, including ownership of real property, granting easements rights and rights of way. It is the Land Surveyor’s responsibility to accurately and un-ambiguously describe in writing the precise location of the land involved in the transaction. In California, legal descriptions are required to be written, stamped and certified by a licensed land surveyor.

Certificates of Compliance — Generally, real property is conveyed by individual parcels with a meets and bounds legal description or as an individual lot within a subdivision. There are circumstances that arise where these parcels are inadvertently or involuntarily merged into a single parcel for property tax assessment purposes in the tax records of the county assessor’s office. These involuntary mergers are not always advantageous to the property owner. A Certificate of Compliance is the process of gaining the recognition, by the city and county governing bodies, of the historical separateness of the individual parcels before the merger took place. A Certificate of Compliance is a valuable tool in maximizing land use potential and property values for a given parcel of land.

There is a definitive criterion that has to be met before filing a Certificate of Compliance application. The process is expensive and time consuming. Property owners should consult with a licensed Land Surveyor to evaluate the feasibility, potential impact and cost effectiveness of going through the process.

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