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General Information

Land surveyors serve the public in many different ways. The expertise gained through a formal education and practical experience enables the land surveyor to provide a basis for the various types of products and services required by the public relating to “real property.” The land surveyor is trained to accurately determine the location of property boundaries, the shape, contours and position of fixed objects (natural and man made) on the face of the earth. These determinations are used by engineers, architects, construction companies, real estate professionals, attorneys and governmental agencies in developing the products and services relating to mapping, developing, building and regulating the properties where we all live, work and play.

Many of our forefathers in United States history were land surveyors before they became famous for their efforts in building the country we know today. Three of the four faces depicted on Mt. Rushmore, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln are among the most prominent men in our history to have been land surveyors. (As a side note: it is said, “it's a good thing for the country that George Washington decided to pursue other interests.”)

Only a Professional Land Surveyor licensed by the State of California is legally permitted to perform land surveying in the State of California. The Professional Land Surveyor provides a highly technical and complex service. He or She is a member of a professional team that prepares the foundation upon which your project is built.

In cases of controversy, a Professional Land Surveyor appears in court in your behalf as an expert witness. No one else can assume responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the work performed by an individual Surveyor.

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